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Acupuncture Services are rendered through AcuHerb Community Circle LLC

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 

For additional information, paperwork, and scheduling: 

Please visit

Dr. Jennifer Lebaka Menda

Licensed Acupuncturist

Dr. Jennifer Taylor Onu Lebaka Menda (formerly Hutchison) is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Certified Clinical Master Herbalist. She graduated from MD Univ. of Integrative Health with a Doctor of Acupuncture and Masters of Acupuncture degree. She is also a student of Chinese herbal medicine at Yao Shan Herbs School in Washington DC. Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s Degree in biology from Agnes Scott College, a Master’s degree in biology from Winthrop University, and a Master’s degree in physiological sciences from the University of Arizona. She has over twelve years of teaching experience as an adjunct professor in biology, zoology, and physiology and holds a certificate in College Teaching from the University of Arizona.

Jennifer has an extensive cell physiology research background. She’s worked as a research associate and lab manager for Nuvox Pharma LLC, The University of Arizona Cancer Biology Dept, and The Cooperative Agriculture Support Services of The Citrus Research Board in Riverside, California. She’s published research in the cancer physiology field.

Although she spent much of her early career in research, she has witnessed first hand the many limitations of Western medicine. Since becoming an herbalist and now acupuncturist, she now witnesses every day the limitlessness of traditional medicine. Jennifer’s treatment philosophy is to cultivate the body’s own Qi to enhance its ability to heal itself. She provides acupuncture, herbal medicine, qigong, nutrition, and healing presence practices to help her patients along their wellness journeys.

She is excited to work within the Integrative Wellness Center at Henry Chiropractic. Her personal practice is AcuHerb Community Circle LLC (AHCC). She resides in Leonardtown, MD with her husband and young daughter.

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Treatment Philosophy

Integrated 5 Element (5E) + Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Approach

My goal with acupuncture is to address imbalances that cause disharmony in the body, mind and spirit. Acupuncture restores the harmony between yin and yang- the most fundamental 

concept of Chinese medicine.

As a trained 5E acupuncturist, I am equipped with treatment principals that help  my patients realign with their true selves- their constitution. The most fundamental principles are that we are whole, never broken, and an interrelated and integral part of nature. 

 With adjunct training in TCM, I utilize disharmony patterns to

pinpoint and treat body and mind imbalance specifically and effectively.

A Safe Space for Healing

AHCC welcomes all people. It is a space free of fear, judgement discrimination, or harassment.

I honor each of my patients in their wholeness and value their privacy as well as their openness.

Treatment Modalities

      • Needles-Law of Least Action (make the greatest changes with the least amount of intervention).
      • Moxibustion- burning Artemisia (mugwort) herb
      • Gua Sha- scraping to release stagnation
      • Cupping- cupping to release stagnation
      • Herbalism- Western & Chinese
      • Chinese Nutritional Therapy- diet recommendations
      • HeartMath- Heart and emotional coherence


Based on a 5 Element approach, some clearing procedures are done during the first few visits to ensure that the subsequent treatments will hold. Needles are inserted into the skin superficially and slightly manipulated to experience "de qi", a sensation that elicits a physiological healing response. Usually needles are placed on the front of the body and retained for 20 minutes. They are then removed, and the same is repeated on the back of the body.

Treatment time with needles: 45m-1h

Moxibustion 灸

Moxibustion is the burning of Artemisia, or mugwort, herb on or near the body. It is a heat penetrating herb that helps to increase circulation, expel cold, and regulate and strengthen qi and blood

Qigong 氣功

Qigong exercises consist of a series of intentional movements that are designed to enhance Qi function. "Qigong" or "energy work" is to exercise our internal body systems (meridians, organs and fascia) in order to activate naturally occurring physiological mechanisms for increased resilience.

Cupping 拔罐 and

 Gua Sha 刮痧

Cupping is an ancient African and Asian technique. Cups are placed on the body and are held on through suction or vacuum. The technique is used to increased blood and Qi circulation. It also reduces stagnation within the fascia.

Gua means 'to scrape' and sha is a term that describes the blood congestion in areas where the patient may experience stiffness/pain. Research has shown that Gua shareduces inflammation and stimulates the immune system.

HeartMath 心

Although it's not an ancient healing practice, HeartMath is a heavily researched, and trusted practice for emotional well-being. The practice involves measurement of heart rate variability (HRV) to enhance emotional regulation of patients. It has been shown to increase mental acuity, focus, problem solving and decision making, as well as reduce mental and physical stress.

Herbal Medicine 草药

Herbal therapies are recommended on a case by case basis. 

Herbs are nature's medicine. Single herbs as well as herbal formulas can provide significant healing and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit. There are many ways in which to take herbs – teas, tincture, tea pills. Herbs as well as nutrition supplement and enhance acupuncture treatments.

Telehealth 电脑彩屏

Telehealth services are equivalent to acupuncture treatment, just without the needles. 

AHCC offers HIPPA-compliant Telehealth services. These services include the same patient report, diagnosis and treatment plan as would an in-person treatment. However, instead of needles, the patient will receive acupressure and self-moxibustion, qigong, dietary and mindfulness recommendations as the treatment.